Cady's Cousin
Born Autumn
Gender Male
Hair Blonde

Jonathan "Johnny" Sinclair Dennis is one of Cady and Mirren's cousins. He is a prankster who loves to tease. Johnny lives at Red Gate with Carrie, Will, Ed and Gat. Cady first describes Johnny as 'bounce, effort and snark.' Johnny was the first grandson.


Johnny's mother is Carrie Sinclair, and his father is William Dennis, though his parents divorced for unknown reasons. His brother is Will, and he lives with them and Ed when not at Beechwood.

In his summer fifteen, he died in the fire of Clairmont. His ghost stayed on Beechwood until Cadence visited him and the other liars in Cadence's summer seventeen.

Quotes Edit

  • "Can't we talk about sex or murder?"
  • "Stop talking, forever."
  • "When you're as handsome as I am, the course never runs smooth."
  • "Oh, I want stuff all the time," "A car. Video games. Expensive wool coats. I like watches, they're so old-school. I want real art for my walls, paintings by famous people I could never own in a million years. Fancy cakes I see in bakery windows. Sweaters, scarves. Wooly items with stripes generally."
  • "I want to go to Rome!" " I want to see the blue Italian toilets so bad!"
  • "Will you pretty please with brown sugar and cinammon make a fucking scrabble word?"
  • "Never eat anything bigger than your ass."
  • "If the tiny beach water isntt made of pee now, after all these years of us peeing in it, a few ashes aren't going to ruin it."
  • "My mind works in mysterious ways."
  • "I disappeared because I'm an asshole. Because I don't think through my choices and I've seen too many action movies and I'm kind of a follower."
  • "I was just a stupid fuck. But not mad. Never mad. I'm sorry, Cadence."
  • "We can't stay much longer." " It's getting harder and harder."
  • "Same place as when you're not here. Same place as we've been. It's like--." "It's like a rest. It's like nothing, in a way. And honestly Cady, I love you, but I'm fucking tired. I just want to lie down and be done. All this happened a very long time ago for me."
  • "I mean, we all did it. We all went crazy, we have to take responsibility. You shouldn't carry the weight of it."
  • "Be sad, be sorry -- but don't shoulder it."