"The Liars," as their family calls them, are Cadence Sinclair Eastman, Johnny Sinclair, Mirren Sinclair, and Gat Patil. During the summer when the oldest cousins were all eight, Gat joined them and they formed the liars.


Main article: We Were Liars

During the summer when the cousins were eight, Gat joined them. Though Harris Sinclair didn't want him to come back, Johnny begged to have Gat come every summer. Johnny was the oldest grandson, and Harris never said no to Johnny, so Gat stayed.

The Liars did everything together, up until Summer Fifteen, or the summer when they were all fifteen. A tragic accident happened while the Liars were trying to remove a long family symbol of power and greed. They burned down the family house, but only Cadence ever made it out of the house.


  • Cadence
  • Johnny
  • Mirren
  • Gat

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